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“The result that I got from the conference was tremendous. It was what I expected. I knew that I would get a tremendous amount of information that I could use to generate more business in my firm as long as I implemented it, and it rang true. I got everything that I needed, and more.

I’d highly recommend others, whether they’re new or experienced, whether they’re beginners or experts, to come to the next Bedlam conference. You’ll see all those individuals that I mentioned here, and you will probably see me, as well. Thank you.” – Jeffrey Nadrich, Founder & Managing Partner at Nadrich & Cohen LLP

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“I’ve been to a lot of different conferences, all legal marketing conferences. They’re sort of the same in terms of basic entry level advice. I think this is the only one I’ve been to that has actually gone beyond that and talked about intermediate to expert level stuff, which you really don’t hear about at any other conference.” – Gabriel Cheong, Owner & Principal Attorney at Infinity Law Group

“These guys are very transparent and tell it like it is, and I’ve learned at least three things I’ll use next week… I’ve really enjoyed the conference. I will be back next year despite Conrad thinking it’s going to be the same next year so don’t come back, you’ll hear the same stuff. It’s like drinking from a fire hose. Very, very informative, very useful. And we’re going to put it to work.” – Bryan Ramey, Founder & Managing Partner at Double Aught Injury Lawyers

“It’s one of the first conferences I’ve gone to that none of the speakers were trying to sell me anything. They were literally just giving away the best secrets. And you don’t get that often. Usually you get maybe a taste then a sales pitch and this was not that.” – Paul Faust, Partner and Vice President of Business Development at Primary Wave Media