May 26  |  August 25-26  |  November 10-11  |  February 2

Your Hosts

Announcing BEDLAM

Welcome to the BEDLAM conference, organized by four elite online legal marketing agencies. While we are competitors, we’ve come together to deliver the best, advanced marketing content exclusively for legal industry. Unlike typical marketing conferences, with thinly veiled vendor pitches – this highly tactical, event is packed with useful tools and tricks utilized by elite agencies in driving business for their clients. We’ll also expose the dirty tricks vendors use to take advantage of their legal clients; share benchmarking data across the industry and prognosticate on 2021 advancements that will separate growth minded firms from the pack.

Given the uncertainty of travel and safety throughout 2021, we’re changing the format to four day-long vritual meetings, held once a quarter. 


The BEDLAM experience isn't diluted with thinly veiled sales pitches from sponsored vendors prostituting themselves. Each of these category exclusive partners are universally endorsed by the BEDLAM agency hosts - customer centric businesses that we admire and use every day in servicing our own clients. You'll learn as much from them as you do from the agency speakers.

Your BEDLAM hosts....

Four grizzled legal marketing agency veterans - viciously competitors but close friends - joined by handpicked experts to bring you the latest, greatest in online marketing. Get an unprecedented opportunity to hear these four spill the beans on the tactics they use to grab your marketshare for their clients.

BEDLAM is NOT for Every Law Firm

This is not a 101 conference, nor relevant for the enterprising DIYer.  BEDLAM covers advanced marketing tactics for aggressively growing firms at a size where small finite marketing improvements make a significant impact on their bottom line. 

BEDLAM is worth your time if your firm:

-Spends more than $20K monthly on online advertising.
-Has an overall marketing spend of more than 10% of your total revenue.
-Has an internal marketing department needing to stay up to speed with technology changes.
-Implemented "marketing automation" but doesn't seem to be seeing the results.
-Has annual revenue growth goals exceeding 25%.
-Practices in Personal Injury, Criminal Defense or operates in a larger, competitive, tech-savvy city.  
-Is frustrated by your agency's proprietary website platform or is locked out of your Google accounts.